Why do I paint?

In my childhood I had no interest in painting. It was boring and I thought I wasn’t creative. That’s what my art teacher told me. And I believed him. When my children were born and they painted, I was not enthusiastic. And why? It was a lot of stuff we needed. And we needed space. The next thing was, when we painted with watercolours, it was messy and dirty.

Today I know I was wrong. My belief system was holding me back. Now I see how creative work works. How important it is to play with your inner creativity. I believe that we all have this side, but we don’t let it out. Because we are ashamed or think we are not good enough. But the point is: all this is wrong. It’s important that YOU have a good time with you. That you have something where you can let out what is inside you. It’s not important how strangers like your design. It is more important that you like it and that you have a good feeling while you are working.

This year I have learned a lot about myself. And painting was the key for me. 

Sunny greetings


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