Who am I?

I am Jana. I’ve been living in China with my family since 2017. China was not my first choice, but the only one.

We were curious. What is it like to live in another country? What is it like to live in another culture? We moved into an adventure with our children. Not everything is good. The situation is sometimes challenging for us. Nevertheless, we like living here. I am Jana and I am a foreigner in China.

Originally I come from Germany. I learned English there, but my teacher told me I was not good enough. So I didn’t speak English there. I worked as a waitress and later I discovered a new passion. I worked as a coach for women in my own practice. That was great and I loved my work. But when I moved to China, I closed my space. Now I support women online. Not the same, but just as nice.

So, I’m Jana from Germany and my mission is to support women worldwide.

Here in China I have written two books. I like to write and I like to read. I like to share my thoughts and I love to connect with people. These are the reasons why I wrote. 

So, I’m Jana and I’m a writer.

I have been painting since this year. Never before, but now my big love. It’s so crazy to see what I’m made of. I never thought I would be creative and that other people would like my work. The moment when people bought a painting for their own flat or house … wow. Knowing that my paintings are still hanging in that house and people are having a good time with the paintings. Unbelievable.

Well, I’m Jana and I’m an artist.

I like to travel around the world. My favourite country is Australia. I love coffee and cake. I like being a wife and a mother. I like good conversation. And days with sun and blue sky. I also love the sea and the green forest. I like to sleep late. My favourite objects at home are my coffee maker and my postcard holder. My values are clarity and truth. My focus in life is on joy and beauty.  

I think the question: Who am I? is not easy to answer, but now you might have an idea about me.

Sunny greetings


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